10 thoughts on “Mesy boys 13

  1. Love #4 boy on the right ..What a lil sexy boy soo hot! Wish I could see more of his face minus the mud and close up,,,Whew looks so cut!!! I know its a messy boy theme but oh ho w I like that face!

  2. Pictures Number Three, Four. and Five has the taller guy with a mud topping on his head, and Picture Number Five with that same taller guy looking so nice, his hands in the mud bucket. Looks like fun to me what he does. Wish adoption were possible. Too nice seeming a guy to yield to them. His eyes get the mind in gear but reality fails. The video is not of him as best figuring. THANKS mr. bobbybop smile More of My Picture Number 3, 4, 5. Break my heart, will you please. Make my day !!! MUD !!!

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