21 thoughts on “On the beach (24)

  1. Nice assortment of beach boys. Would love to visit that beach sometime. thanks for the post.

    • wow. Miss him, their eyes making these eyes on their prize, the reddish star of this show. The blond guy with hands on the thing, with hair on seeable on his arm, is sweet, and counting his hairs might take a day or two. The guy in the middle, number 78 on his pant, he carrying yellow flippers, he just eyeing all this, is honey, and counting his hairs might require a few more days. The woman with the camera just misses laugh laugh [ If someone flips the pic, as is often what they do, these descripts stay. ] Miss all of this pic til you point it out. Thanks. One reddish star for you mr. BluEyes laugh smile pm for more compliments. smile

    • Good question !! Can anyone from here who is poor afford it ? They are aware of us wanting to come there. OH They will jail us for any fee for trying to make them our home with any sexual orientations. UH OH !! Shut Up !! ( but very real, as Thailand shows us ) They come here to steal but do not reverse that !! laugh anger very real.

  2. Love cute boy on his stomach #3 Just look at that pretty long black hair and cute face!!! SEXY!!..I love #6 That cute little blonde boys body and attitude!! BUT LOVE LOVE…# 7 Oh seven im in heaven!! Look at those blue-blue eyes so mesmerizing!! and that cute face Id love to be with this boy in a minute!!!! That’s one sexy little boy!!! inlove heart hug

    • Picture Number Seven is, to this brain, a exciting example of perfect pure instant love. Thinks mr. alterboy has similar feelings ? Thanks to mr. Kasper the photo is here. If there is more of this Picture Number Seven guy, fainting might happen here. Fun !!! MAKE IT HAPPEN ! laugh laugh laugh

    • ” # 7 needs to come home with me ” … and deprive him of experience of all the others of us a wonder of him ???!!! OH … YES !!!, deprive ANYONE and ANY ONE else of ANY and ALL … YES ” # 7 needs to come home with me ” anger No one will blame you. laugh laugh laugh FUN !!! laugh laugh laugh

  3. In Picture Number One, a sinal photo, there is the hidden beauty in the back, in the green black baggy pant and with the curls hair, who Is better to befriend by just his walk and his unfathomable self than ALL the rest of any in this set … and he needs attention !!! inlove Just wish. inlove

  4. Picture Number Seven, with that thatch roof behind him, he with that hair cut with tufts on each side, OH !!! … and his purity … instant love pure simple. heart inlove smile OH ! please give more if. smile

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