11 thoughts on “At the beach

  1. Number 1 was hot and number 2 also. Once I hit number 3 I was getting wet myself. By number 4 I was exploding. Who agrees? I would love to see more of all of them.

  2. #3 so gorgeously beautiful and perfect in every possible way!
    He sure won’t have problems getting the most beautiful girls, he doesn’t even have to try at all, he’s got it all !! :heart: :hug:

    Too bad this photo has such low resolution. I would love to see more photos of this cutie. :heart:

  3. Picture Number Three is of a blonde urchin fairy godly coming out from the waters out to get you to come in so you can be feed for his appetite. You are willing ? More than likely. Are you nuts ? Much less than the waterways can absorb. No escape either. Off you go ! Have fun urching ! ha ha laugh laugh thank you mr. noone smile

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