17 thoughts on “Boys and Sports

  1. Great set of pics. The boy in No.2 is really cute, and his red socks show off his legs superbly.
    Cute boys with nice legs in pics 6, 7 & 9 as well.

  2. My favorite is the red speedo with the yellow balloon. It is the first time I see this boy. But, of course, the #3 (very know,) is such a lovely picture. And the others too… Thanks joy

  3. My first comment here as I finally had the nerve to register, though I’ve been passively present over a period of time enjoying the pictures of the beautiful and cute picture of boys being shared by all of you, which I obviously am fond of as I find younger boys (Younger than myself) extremely attractive, I especially love the natural and heartfelt energy radiated by these beautiful flowers.

    All the boys shared now being all beautiful, but I have to admit number 7 is my favourite picture here, love his glare and expression.

    • Favorite here is Picture Number Four as the guys defeat the best looking guy. neither odd nor unusual. laugh laugh smile OH ! Glad you are here to write. Need you. One other guy just retires and will not say why. No reply to inquiry. Turbo guy in Picture Number Seven is a good pose, good pose as far as it can get. laugh NICE. laugh Number Four is at a disadvantage and still looks as an OUT ! drinks for him. smile

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