5 thoughts on “Fashion Passion – Dream Parade

  1. Nice post!! Cute boys ..The little ones crack me up ,,See the lil cutie in the hat waving,probably to his mumsie! That’s adorable! But of course I had to see one that I wanted more than adorable!! Young boy @2:40..in the sunglasses and blue shorts,white top and red sunglasses…..Now that’s a hottie..he is sexy and very hot and swimmer boy 3:43 in the white&yellow undies,,,So hot Thanks and goodbye!

  2. It’s amusing how they add to them, a huge inflatable shark with the smallest boy in the house, stuffed gorilla’s, what is that, sea weed all over them? The boys all by them selves are really cute. Thanks for the mini movie.

  3. What I can’t get over is the fact that France is so open minded about their bodies! the closeups of these boys bodies, especially the zoom ins of their crotches, would in America be considered a violation of Standards and Practices! which is the Censor Board that regulates what is shown on TV.

    I thought the boy that was having trouble keeping his Sunglasses up was just adorable! heart

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