13 thoughts on “Hot bodies

    • Mine is shut off so just maybe possibly, somehow, accidentally, on some off chance, you never really know, incidentally chaotically, out of the blue moon, there are the oddities and irregularities of the world which might result in … … laugh laugh

  1. Nothing short of spectacular when it comes to hot boy bodies..
    Love all these young boys showcasing their ripped abs.
    Pics. 4 , 6 my favorites

    • The guy in Picture Number Seven is already body stopping as he stops. You are not in any track. ha ha … and YUM! is only a minor, for he is a YUMMY. laugh Just being a agreeable silly !! laugh laugh laugh

  2. Picture Number Four is of a guy needing special attention as he is showing off and advertising his body and wants ‘it’. NICE picture. What kind of attention does he need ? Versus what he asks for ? What is he asking for ? Versus what he gets ? Versus what he deserves ? Versus what is available ? Versus what he really should get ? Versus handy there and about ? Fantasy Flies. laugh laugh laugh Nice post.

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