21 thoughts on “Unto Something Big

  1. # 1 and 4 ..#1 because they are so smooth and they look like they did MORE after the photos…you can tell they want each other!!! #4 because he looks like a young one that HOT!!! Wish the pic was clearer though!!

  2. The boy in the blue leather jacket was quite handsome, and the leather jacket just makes him even more, tough and sexy! smile but again, they all were attractive just felt like him stood out! but that’s just my opinion :P

  3. Picture Number Three is from an x site and lost all of him. He has a lot of G-rate photos, as here, as he is so cute as to make some of us cry. The x-site rids it of him. cry Lost all of him. cry Cry still now seeing him again. THANKS !!! laugh smile smile Yes, thanks for the showing of him even if it makes this dinosaur cry. BOO HOO. FUN !!!

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