23 thoughts on “Cute brothers

  1. Wonderfull in every way.I like the one of the boys on the railway track but those last two are a joy.I wish I could be that age again and have that closeness back with my brother.

  2. THE last two (i think they’re twins that’s why they’re so close anyway) we have seen them here many times and they seem to be the very idea of real brotherly love.
    I would give anything to be one of them just to have the other one for a brother even if just for a day or two.
    The left one really melts my heart with his infectious beautuful smile.
    It’s like he tries to say look at my brother making silly faces but i still love him. And he tries his best not to laugh but can’t do it. And that makes me smile with him too. They obviously have an incredibly great time together and i am so happy for them even though i don’t know them.

    • No, you’re not alone. Yes, you’re normal. What’s wrong with liking beauty? If you see beauty in a cat, or you hear beauty in a piece of music, you’re normal. QED.

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