34 thoughts on “Extremely Cute & Hot !

  1. Boy #4 is so inviting monkey
    I just want to jump on him and… laugh

    Boy #5 is hot too. He can come over to me whenever he wants! Also #6, #7, #8… laugh

    The last boy has something special. His long dark hair which covered his face gives him a mysterious touch

  2. Ok #1 ,2,4,7,9…….If I had to pick. just one I couldn’t so ill say that #1 Is very very hot because of his age (younger then the rest, I think) and his under-developed boy body and cute lookin face! I love those scrawny flat bodied boys,not that hes really that scrawny but I love that look!!!!….Don’t get me wrong I like the “abs” boys they`re hot but something about a more natural look to boy #1`s tummy!! YUMMMY!!! heart Pick #2 Pic 7 I dunno what it is but I like all of him!! He has the body and face ,hair ,eyes…that I just LOVE inlove Another Yummy boy!!! ALL are GREAT pics Jeanette!! Thanks…..

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