6 thoughts on “Boys Doing Spit Takes

  1. See now THATS one of the things I love about “boys”…that zany, kooky,energetic silliness that the big boys don’t have anymore!!! All that energy,excitment and the willingness to act stupid and not care at all!!! I could watch boys play and goof off all day!!! inlove hug

  2. This is how someone might start to learn how to spit without it getting on the self ! Also, without getting it on others ! Ever have a mouthful of sinus and other stuff that has to just get out ? or, a sneezy gooey but expelling cough urge, and you might be on a bus or in line at the store ? laugh laugh laugh See it, watch it, have to offer tissues to the recipients. ha ha laugh laugh laugh LEARN ! And always carry paper towels in the pocket ( or other papers, even a newspaper ) ! ha ha laugh laugh laugh FUN !

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