Moosa from Pakistan, a sweet boy

Here is this delicious boy. he likes to swim, play games, hug elderly men. n please them with his smile, sweet talk n fondling.

what would like to do to him and want him to know about your thoughts about him?

He has a beautiful tanned, creamy body with bubble butts and smooth legs, with hrdly any belly fat. His chest and belly are bursting to be caressed, touched with spread hands, n kissed. it gets v perturbed on a minor touch as its very sensitive n makes the boy moan and giggle. He likes returning love with kisses, hugs n spreads legs for elder friends to pat him12074555_1016268151737935_3327481774003686211_n as

likes to be wet, naked & intimate wid his friends

likes to be wet, naked & intimate wid his friends

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14 thoughts on “Moosa from Pakistan, a sweet boy

    • Well he still lives there and these pics r frm pakistan. y cant u guys believ ther r just 2 many beautiful boys here tht just dnt get pictured. they are loved by many men n kissed n hugged

    • he is from pakistan n lives there. y cant it be believed tht beautiful boys r loved n adored by many men n roam around shirtless n r kissed n hugged. but dnt just get photographed enough. most boys here r more beautfil than girls n r even used by women a lot to satisfy their needs.

  1. Wow… Moosa you are incredibly beautiful and sweet boy! Of course you are very brave kid to take that responsibility. It’s a shame we can’t see more boys from middle east around here…
    Hugs good

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