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  1. YUP! They totally wanted to kiss..They may have later when alone! Hope so!! Id kiss them they are so cute!!! Ive seen another video,well no sound but it was a caption on the bottom of it that said ‘Do they wanna kiss each other?”,,,two young tweens and one boy was shaking his head yes,the other no.then vice a versa….they kept teasing the audience,I think they too wanted to kiss…sorry but you can just see it in their eyes!!

  2. @TimmyBoy, To post a link, just go to the site and the page you want to link, then with your mouse and Right click the address bar, then select copy, then when your ready to enter the link into the post, Right click and select paste, this will put the link in your post, then select the “Post Comment” button! smile

  3. Note that it is the girls who want to see them kiss and it is the girls that urge them on and the girls that dare them. It is a way for girls to get control of the boys. Guys also do this to get control of the other guys … and also weed out ‘others’, depending on what they want to weed out. laugh laugh Some guys do this with other guys when the other guy is on a date to get control of the guy of their interest right in front of the girl friend. laugh laugh SHHH ! SECRET ! laugh laugh

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