30 thoughts on “Sunny Wednesday

  1. Beautiful boys!! Thanks Sascha!! I kicked off my summer yesterday at the Watergarden in San Jose, CA. GREAT FUN!! The Watergarden is a club for gay and bisexual men 18+ with sauna, steam room, hot tub, pool, and adult video lounge!! NO CLOTHES REQUIRED!! I spent the day swimming and sunbathing naked, in the company of a couple of beautiful latino boys!!

  2. What is L.O.G.O. mean on a swim pant ? What does NA S’NA mean on a swim pant ? ( from Picture Number Nine, the two getting their outer pants on. ) laugh Little mystery for this here. laugh Picture Number Four is a sand imp in his sand hole ? … an invitation to his cave so he can have something to eat ? laugh laugh FUN. Thanks for those two, and the others, mr. saschax99

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