A few from the waterpark

A few random bois from my last trip to the waterpark. I’ll be going again in a week, hope to get more and better pics. I take them with my cell phone, holding it to my side like I’m just holding it, thus sometimes I cut off parts of them20160529_143345 20160529_143347 20160529_143158 20160529_124516 20160529_123714 20160529_123930

7 thoughts on “A few from the waterpark

  1. Very nice park pix however it would have been even hotter if all were in their speedos. Likely the “park” is in US or CN and not Europe? thanks for sharing.

  2. I love candid shots of bare-chested boys who don’t realize they’re being photographed. It’s turn on knowing that they’re unaware of all the people around their world who are appreciating the beauty of their bodies. If they did know, however, I’d hope they’d be tickled. When you’re this good-looking, you should know it.

  3. Maybe it is misunderstood. Boys often wear a tight wear under a baggy and some wear a tight under the tight … and, please understand, there are supporters that some boys and men use, and can be under them all. THEN they put on the baggies. The cases of four layers is real ! And, then, there is the regular pant, five layers. Supporters many guys do not believe exist for speedo wearers, but there are hundreds of versions of underwear and supports for swimwear. There is also the additional plastic supporter. All for tight speedos. Go look for to buy undergear for swimwear. Thus, there can be three layers with the ‘tight’ speedo type swim wear. That is, the plastic supporter, the cloth supporter, then the tight, or not, swimwear. Then there is the less tight swim wear. Then there is the baggy swimwear. Then the baggy pant ( or not, all a mix ). Six layers do some boys and model boys and adults do to enhance a handful of XY. Please understand. This is very real with adult models. Many boys love the laying on the variety just to have fun. Know this by eye witness as a child. Know this by eye witness as an adult. There the balls upporter and genital and crotch uppering wear from the 1950’s that many homosexual and gays hate but is very real still even NOW, especially for male models. This is all real and knowable since with what they call the cod piece. The cod piece has layers too, as they call it back then, and crotch enhancement is as new as ice. Please look up cod piece. Please realize that from from way back then, crotch enhancement is not new. And there is the new and enlargements figuring as well as the often failures but some successful enlargements for male stuff. little eggs and small stiffs get enhancing for public view for 10 thousand years. There is the female version of all of this exaggeration but this stops here. LOVE THIS SET OF A GUY JUST STRUTTING HIS BODY. { very real stuff from old … but steroids make it something else. This is not here in this set. STOP HERE }

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