5 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XXVII “Boys in camp, roast potatoes ”

  1. White potatoes, they say, come from North America, not anywhere else at all, not Europe nor Asia nor Africa nor South America. S. A. finally gets them from N. A. and creates 30 versions, depending on the mountains. White potatoes make the way to Europe / Russia to make vodka, now of artificial flavor. After White Potatoes are of a baking ( different from a boil ), and let to cool, they are extra tasty. Like the Guys in Picture Number One. There are N. A. Sweet Potatoes, equally and currently unavailable anywhere but in N. A. except oddly ( Often they say they are yams, which such yams are of Africa originally ! Sweet Potatoes are not yams. Yams are now also of N. A. ! ) N. A. Sweet Potatoes are also reminding of Picture Number One as such Sweet Potatoes are, after baking ( not boiling ! ) sweeter than yams. MMmmFFff. Thanks for the effort. Right or incorrect, the guys in these BAKING potatoes pictures are cute, ESPECIALLY Picture NUMBER ONE !!!

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