20 thoughts on “sleepover

  1. How can I “chaperone” (perhaps an archaic term) this hot looking event? thanks for the post

    • AAww.. That sucks gingerboy15 !! sorry to hear that! I had quite a few most were one on one though! That’s were I had some hot boy fun!! We usually had sleeping bags and would sleep next to each other on the floor,then wait until everyone in the house was fast asleep then crawl into a bag and do “things”! One of my best times was when I was 12 and he was 15 !! He was into me and me into him! We did this quite a few times in the summer!!! inlove

  2. The boi in #3 reminds me of a friend when we were 13. we had to share a bed at his house because he lived with two sisters, mom, and step dad and he had a small bedroom. I didn’t care, he was soo cute and I had a crush on him! Well the second time I spent the night at his house, I woke up about 2-3am and his room was pretty light so I could watch him sleep. Then all of a sudden he started jacking off in his sleep, he’d get to where he was about to shoot, then stop! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I just sat there watching him and then about 10 minutes later he did it again! After about a year he moved and we lost touch with each other, nothing ever happened but I loved sleeping next to him!!

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