Second post : more of me

Firstly I just want to thank all of you for all the sweet comments and all the welcoming for me on this site I have decided I will be uploading every Tuesday and Friday and also just to clarify I am 14 and these pictures are of me and 1 more thing,
respect the boys that are posted on here because they have lives too and feelings so now let’s get into my next post smile

44 thoughts on “Second post : more of me

  1. Wow! You look even more cute and beautiful in these pics. Nice legs and nice nipples too. I’ll certainly be looking forward to more of your uploads.
    I like, and totally agree with your comments. You, and all of the boys posted on here, definitely have my respect.
    Thanks a lot for posting again.

  2. How’d you manage to take a picture while standing on your ceiling? laugh
    No really, your a really good looking person.
    I’m 19 if you want to PM me. (I don’t know how you feel about that. but i literally just turned 19 two days ago, and it doesn’t sound right to say it.) I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m still a kid at heart.
    Okay I’ve talked way to much and will shut up.

  3. Thanks Ben for these picts of you. I had some friends like you in Africa (Black and White) and when see you, I remember all these nice boys. You can see them in “My boys from Africa” here into Thanks again to trust us. joy

  4. If I was at your school we would never go to class! And when I did, I would fail cause I was daydreaming. Oh to be 14 again. Very handsome, very sexy, and very umm photogenic from head to head to toe!

  5. Thanks for your post. It’s great you know your mind and aren’t afraid to remind people the pictures are of real thinking feeling people. You are very handsome and I look forward to seeing what else you will do next.

  6. You’re a little heartbreaker!! I bet the bois and girls like looking at you! I love a guy with pale skin like you. You are proof you don’t have to be blond and tan to be HOT!
    Thanks for the post!

  7. WOW Already told you in your first post how beautifully hot & sexy you are and that I love your eyes, love your face, love your skin, love your body, love that sweet package and I love your personality! So I guess I don’t have to tell you that i Iove ya!..So I wont do it all over again!….Oh wait I guess I just did! laugh But if you wanted me too id do it all over again… I would……Just 4U ! because your so “special” and your so…………………YOU! heart hug inlove chuckle

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