17 thoughts on “Greatness

    • Wish could tell you about Picture Number Seven. See this picture over a hundred times, lots of sites, and looks familiar as if from a movie, yes. But can not say. Automatically love this picture. No one ever says nor writes about this as from where, or, lose any info any give. TOO CUTE to ignore. Figure him as a lost star of pure perfect instant love. heart

    • Picture Number Seven is of a pure perfect instant love heart note that the pant zips are open. put stuff in. note the half unbutton pant. dare to explore. note the angry or aggressive face. note that his arms are not as if angry but aggressive looking. go dare him in a fight. maybe he is a lure, into his water world, for us to follow, in love, before he swallows us up with fellow imps, nymphs, and fairies. they need to eat, too. laugh laugh This is a clip version as the ones od him often are. With a full head of hair he is more than perfect. Feel certain he is of a movie and never again

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