10 thoughts on “Menino fazendo “arte” 4

  1. preciosas crianças e sexy meninos, sobre tudo #6 e 10 monkey torsos belos heart muito obrigado
    precious children and sexy boys, especially # 6 nd 10, beautiful torsos, TK vm

  2. Fazendo arte…E beleza muita beleza #1 #6 #10 são incríveis!!
    Fooling around… and beauty so beauty #1 #6 #10 are amazing!! smile

  3. Ooh La La ! Love the receptive look of boy in pic.1 . Doesn’t get any hotter. Don’t know where to start but I know where to finish. Lol..

  4. Kiddies as Kitties or as Doggies to sleep with and hear their heart beats and feel their stomachs gurgle, pet, feed, clean up after and teach how to klean. make friends with, treat with sweets, play with, demand of them and hit on them and get hit back by them and even fight with them, and, on, until they grow, still desire them as our own … until they become their own. After that, you are something else. UH OH !! laugh heart dash

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