9 thoughts on “Sexy Cute Boy By The Pool

  1. THEY’RE HAMMERED! They snuck those big bottles around the corner and they’re drunk! Then he stole the clear raft from the other kid. LOL! Yes, cute kids can get into trouble too, LOL.

  2. He has no tan except as the photo temp makes it look. Figure that the party and the kids have no real connect. The empty alcohol bottles of SIERRA et al are souvenirs the boys keep as the bottles are pretty and of adults … and the last few drops out of them might be interesting at best. He can not steal the raft from that guy but he obviously gets it some how. CUTE kid, YES ! Cannot figure him any better no matter what the zoom which here is 400%. Nice photo story. SWEET as the water is wet. Thanks mr. chewdontswallow smile smile

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