13 thoughts on “Cute boy washing the car

  1. Looks as if the boy is high as a kite and this shows with his unequal moves as he ‘washes’ the car, or, acts as if he is. Even an idiot actor knows better how to act as if he washes a car !! Yhis is a clear example of a child alter into a xlave. That is, an xlave, not merely a slave, but as in a manufacture of a modern zombie, which such, always, is a surgical, drug, and poison a creation. Yhis is maybe a mere Rx xlave. Witness before your internet eyes a version of a medically allowable zombie, the xlave. Maybe he goes through the bloodless Rx surgery of lobotomy by High Vibrations [ ultrasound ] with Rx modifiers and Rx controls. YES !!! Yhis is real life legally allowable. Go figure. Since the lgbt movement says ok and since they say no to bl but say ok to all forms of bdsmslq, then, no comment. Yhey have their moments. XLAVEs cannot unite. Yhey have no there there anymore. Legal. Real.

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