13 thoughts on “Everytime We Touch. Dance

  1. Great, sexy moves. I was hoping the pants might drop near the end! sigh, would love to see more of him. thanks for sharing him.

  2. Yes perfect body,perfect face! perfect tween age! love the hairless body and smooth hairless pits…A true BOY !! A BL`s dream!!! So dreamy and sexy hot I want this one! Id love for him to give me a private dance!……UUggghh! hes so HOT!!! Love his moves so so sexy!

  3. The video shows a girl going away. That makes, in a sense, no sense. Suspect girl abuse of the boy. He will get all the blame, as per the video. Via the video, he dies all the, shall we say, talking. This is not his self video but him making use of by others on their camera and he may be unaware of the uses of that. WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE by him, a good work out and maybe not the first time .. uh oh maybe there are many other times for all this act, as he is obviously in practice, so, this is all WE get. In court, he gets jail. Or, professionally, he gives what he gets. UH OH paranoid conspiracy theories … remember Michael Jackson’s ‘kids’. LIKE THIS VIDEO VERY MUCH. TX mr CurlyFries

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