Back and better than ever!

Hello everyone, I’m back after a bit of a break from posting (not that I posted much before anyway lol) and I’d just like to say thank you to all the people who supported me after my last post. It does mean a lot to me And I do appreciate it. This also gives proof that I can smile, just so you know.

And sorry if you get vertigo from the first picture, I was too lazy to try and find a way to fix it lol. (It might be better after being uploaded, I won’t know until then)
image image  image  image-450image

Also, if you’re my age (13-15) shoot me a PM and I’ll give you my snapchat ;)

49 thoughts on “Back and better than ever!

    • Maybe you should try defending yourself more? But if you need anything don’t be afraid to catch me at the comments of my post or the forum if it’s something that can be public but if not you can pm me anytime (pm is not just for people you want to date) I know how hard discovering your of another sexuality (BL, bi, gay) can be and I made a mess out of it when I was 14. I probably made some of the same mistakes you did or will do so don’t be afraid. And if your bi I was once bi as well so your not alone. Actually at your age I was bi not gay ( never heard of BL before I joined) now that I think about it. But I’m a gay BL now.

      • To add I am not theven kind of person to start a pm chat with a younger boy, most definitely with support as a big role, when he doesn’t want me to. But sometimes you need to talk to somebody and I’m here. I didn’t come to this site to date no way (I came to admire the beauty of boys originally but as time went by I became more social). Your young and cute so there will be people who wants to use you or just get under your skin. It’s sad that there are people in this world who takes pleasure in making a young person’s life miserable (sexually, emotionally, or even physically) and you can talk to me about it. Yes I think your attractive and yes I’m too old for you but it doesn’t hurt my feelings at all because I do understand that you think people who’s my age are too old because that’s what I thought at your age. Don’t be afraid to talk to me. Though I can be quite strange sometimes but I am a nice guy.

        • I don’t think he was trying to get under my skin or anything, it was a misunderstanding and he thought I was an adult posing as a teenager with stolen pics. It was no big deal.

  1. I think I blinked and missed something ,oh well wouldn’t be the first time ,I’m very happy to see you smile beautiful boy laugh You make sure people treat you right buddy yes

  2. I had only just joined at the time you made your last post, but I remember seeing it, and I certainly didn’t think that you deserved that kind of treatment. So, I’m pleased that you’re OK, and that you are posting again. I like your pics. You’re very cute, and I look forward to seeing more. You have my support.

  3. OH DANG! Not too many people make me wish I were younger, BUT YOU DO! I would so LOVE going on a date with you. I mean the whole works, dinner, movie, dancing, a walk and a talk, …then who knows? Maybe I’d settle on just stealing a kiss the first time out. But I’d love it if it progressed. SIGH! And you can give me Vertigo anytime you want. You’re worth it. Drats! I’m SO OLD! LOL!

  4. Good to see you back. You’ve done really well to overcome the obstacle that you faced and continue to post.

    Keep up the good work, you know that all of us are supporting you smile

  5. Stop whinging about how young your not , you’ve been here now it’s our turn hehe , oh and don’t worry about dickheads that say you are not you ,you know your you that’s all that matters bro laugh

  6. You should have no worries about what anyone says.
    You are handsome with a great smile (and other attributes) . Like someone said above, you make us older guys wish we were your age again. When I was 15 I was gay I guess. 30 years later Im Bisexual with a wife who knows and supported me from the start. #BeYou

  7. your a good looking boy. and I hope you find some one that cares about you as much as you care about them. that’s what every one needs in there life. and don’t worry about what people say or think about you. what’s important is how you think about your self. enjoy your life no matter who or what you are. life is fleeting

  8. You are incredibly attractive, with a wonderful smile (among other things) Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. But further photos just depress me that I’ll never be able to get to know you. Best wishes anyway.

  9. Ive previously written a comment on here when you first posted professing my really BIG desire for you! I like you ALOT…you are everything a boy/man could want! Cute, Sexy,have a nice hot body and I would take you in a hot minute! Just my type! Only wish I could! Guess ill just have to dream and fantasize about it, not much more I can do? but dream,wish and hope…. Many hugs and kisses…..and a lot more to you !!! from “Me”….. heart hug inlove heart

  10. Mister likeme —> You cannot be at all serious. NO ONE HAYES YOU MORE AND NO ONE PUTS YOU DOWN. anger YOU NEVER GET A PUT DOWN. SSTTOOPP crying out – – – > for you have an obvious hate for boys. I love heart your attempts at affection. heart SERIOUSLY ! yes Your photos are provocative and, even if questionable, are fun, and no worse than what experience tells from perusing over ten thousand sites as merely normal nonsense and fun.. You give odd and the worst is often just so much more than fun, but just fun. Thank You for your funny and fun photos. yes If you make any sense you would not be here. laugh laugh Please do not insult us with pleading yourself as a victim. Be the clown dash Not hard as that. laugh laugh Even clowns have to work at it. laugh laugh Do not play the victim.

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