28 thoughts on “First post: Sunbathers

  1. Yes, wonderful first post! They are all very HOT but #1 is luscious I would love to taste him all over! Yum, Yum…..drooling the rest of the day.

    • That’s cause he’s dakota goyo and in that photo he’s actually naked ya you get the idea it’s not a real photo though it’s edited

      • Like LOTS of these photos. what the f+*+* is a ” Dakota goyo ” ? You King of hearts might mean a photo alter from the original ? or, just The Parts cut down or merely the edges cut off or the copyright cut out? Wwhat, pray tell me, is a ”dakota goyo ” ? You know better so please convey please. Doggie is begging dog pm is here so need not waste

  2. #1 Steaming hot! Making such pose huuuummmmm he’s absolutely conscious of his stunning power body. If this is your 1st post I hardly can wait for the 2nd…
    Thank you diablo

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