11 thoughts on “Dads, mums & their boys

    • NOPE ! laugh But not naughty. laugh Just you and yours [and pm any details, ha ha ]. Very nice of you to be so decorous. laugh Did You Know? The current meaning of “decorous” dates from the mid-17th century. One of the word’s earliest recorded uses appeared in a book titled The Rules of Civility (1673): “It is not decorous to look in the Glass, to comb, brush, or do any thing of that nature to ourselves, whilst the said person be in the Room.” (There is also a slightly older sense of “decorous” that means “fitting, appropriate,” but that sense is now obsolete.) Decorous derives from the Latin word decorus, an adjective created from the noun decor, meaning “beauty” or “grace.” “Decor” is akin to the Latin verb decēre (“to be fitting”), which is the source of our adjective “decent.” It is only fitting, then, that “decent” can be a synonym of “decorous.” [All bull and bologna but for the edifi. have fun ! laugh ]

  1. I love to see Dads being tender with their boys heart , I don’t like it when a man makes a baby, then drops out! and won’t be there for the kid anger , whether it be boy or girl! if you made the time to make a kid, then make time to raise them!

    I say to these wonderful Dads! bless you! for being a Dad!

    • So True …..That’s VERY important to kids! Nice sentiments boybuff! All are great pics…and yeah! Like “Woluf” said ..it is hard to say anything without feeling awkward that said laugh some of these boys ARE still very very cute!……. yes and that’s all ill say on that! smile Nice pics that capture the “LoVe”

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