21 thoughts on “Killian’s Loincloth

  1. maravilloso post gamer cuando en network veía estas fotos separadas no caía en cuenta que el modelo era Killian de los más favoritos heart
    gracias BB, especialmente por #1 very hot-sexy
    #6 fabuloso: expresión del rostro y labios, alisamiento y brillantez del torso, sobaco y muslos . fascinante
    – – – – –
    wonderful post!!! when separate network saw these photos did not realize that the model was Killian. of the most favorite
    Thanks BB, especially #1 very hot-sexy ;) within the necessary makeup
    #6 fabulous: facial/lips expression, smoothing and brilliance of the torso, thigh and armpit. fascinating

  2. Dear JONAS2004.
    I have read the rules for the blog and don’t need reminding.
    Most things said on the site are often said in jest and not to be
    taken literally. If it was against the “rules” then I’m sure it would
    have been brought to my attention.
    Sorry you have taken this the wrong way but its no different than
    how many other BL’s comment on postings.
    Regards, Jay.

  3. Explicating fantasia is not against any rule. Solicitation is not what this site is about. Making very clear a desire for sex with another guy, or with a guy in some photo, is not against any rule but is a funny thing to see in writing. That reality, by the way, can all be a making in the pm department and only a few hints are necessary. Explicating desires about exchanging something for the guy on the photo or might some how be available to you in some kind of trade off in other ways ( soliciting in other terms ) is not what this site is about. Very real in almost every site ever. See and visit thousands over the years. Doctors do it with Nurses in front of everyone in their sight but are unaware, somehow, that everyone can see and hear them. OH !! LOVE inlove KILLIAN. inlove He is a heartbreaker heart in loinals here heart laugh and never see this of him anywhere before here. OH ! PLEASE put Killian on display. Hope he is still okay as an older than teenage guy. Wish could talk to him about it all. DITTO other young models, like Florian inlove . [Sorry to be on the pulpit sorry but want to save the site from phony complainants.][and save others from frauds] KILLIAN has a good name … KILL I AM laugh OOPS ! laugh

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