14 thoughts on “Help me find more about this boy

  1. well let see i would say lives in north america cause of the left hand drivin car …cause almost all right hand drivin car the steerin wheel on the right are in the europe and the UK but i dont know..

  2. I think there may be a couple more of him on the sofa in those ripped jeans of his if my memory serves. I also beloeve (from reading) that he lives on a farm.


  3. @Munamies
    es guapísimo *love* soy fan, en network he encontrado imagenes suyas, preparaba un post, pero puedo enviártelas gamer
    – – – – – – – –
    It is grat handsome, I am a fan, in network I found his images, preparing a post, but I can send them to

  4. Believe this is of three different skinny blue jean blond boys heart Nice pictures good see all of these elsewheres yes NEVER ANY ORIGINAL SOURCE INFO EVER sorry Suspiciously suspect it is Eastern European, USSR satellite, or shortly after, ‘old’ not new, and NOT Scandinavia at all and def not USA. Need an oldie but goodie to see this request and try to remember imgsrc.ru sources or else wheres. sorry

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