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  1. Nice boys, yeah the pics are a little small yes but the effort was there! Thanks! Yup the baseball ones are cute! Cant wait for August for one of my favorite boy watching activities! “Little League World Series” !!…I’ve seen some absolutely hot hot boys!! from all over the world!……the best part is the WS Championship at the end because they do a lot of close up shots and hold the camera in for a longtime! * Was always jealous of those camera operators!! laugh ….

  2. Repost with the regular size pictures these are the thumbnails of. thumbnails are not the regular picture in some kind of digital shorthand … they are tiny pictures, and are pictures all on their own. They are often there to get a click on and get to the regular picture. They are meme devices usually, reminders and clues. Many people think they are the picture itself in some sort of shorthand. Try to read shorthand writing … UH UH. Shorthand and quicktyping are clues to the later actual document some one has to manufacture. SHUT UP. Will do. laugh

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