5 thoughts on “Adorable Teen Boys

  1. Oh yes, love teen boys….. just wish the pix and other stuff were bigger and more visually available. thanks for the post

  2. Do not confuse introductory pictures, or ‘thumbnails’, as tiny versions full of code for the regular whole picture. They are miniatures and pictures on their own. Your cookies will have ghost versions of every picture you copy off the internet to remind the computer and the internet as to what to look for if the computer needs them as you request them, but they are not ‘tight pictures’ full of the regular picture code. That is what the computer does automatically. A ‘tight picture’ is not a picture. It is the code for the picture. The thumbnails and miniatures and ghosts are mere clues to get to the ‘tight’ as to remind you ( and the machine ) what to ask for or look for. Sorry for the lecture. The regular size pictures you find might very well be cut versions or small versions of whatever the original is. sorry SHUT THIS MOUTH laugh

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