First Time Poster. Original content only.

First time poster, long time follower. All my photos are screenshots of videos i took in public using the spy cam Android app HVR (which I highly recommend recommend for this purpose). Look but don’t touch. I am very anticontact and I want to make that very clear. That being said BOY YOURSELF!d (14)d (12)d (11)d (9)

7 thoughts on “First Time Poster. Original content only.

  1. Nice first post, I am boying myself right now! thanks for sharing.

  2. Kudo`s for the Ultra Clear shots! ,I know a lot of pic/ boys are hot but the quality is not! Wish all pics of these amazing cuties could be this clear! But in the end blurry or focused the boys are the main thing!……Cute boy by the way! Anymore ? Thanks for the post!

  3. Continue. Maybe someday you will catch on as a real photographer. It takes practice and experience and a thousand failures. Several thousand failures to get one worth the while. How many pieces of paper do authors use to get the final copy before the editors get their work on it ? How many pages of music sheets before Beethoven composes his Ninth ? laugh

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