13 thoughts on ““I’m Sexy And I Know It” Performance

  1. Brilliant! I have to laugh out loud, this a huge grin on my face now lol. Don’t post too many like these cause I’m soooo tempted to share it with my friends and that would probably not be a good idea lol.

  2. Ha Ha Yeah one of my Favezzz…but look at the guy taking booty shots of these boys!!! Hes all happy! I Know id be!!! Its just too funny Id like to see his Pics!!!

  3. Nice choice of pant and nice performance. YouTube has versions many of which are worthless even if cute in the attempt and some beautifuls you cannot copy anymore. Note that the audience here are full of adults applauding ( and necessarily are approving in advance as well as after the performance ) these three under eighteen years old boys dancing and thrusting their hips while in undies to a song about being sexy, and they know it, so to speak. Is this child porn ? Sex-fanatics of one side do assert that it is if you say it is sexy. Jail. The other sex-fanatics assert it is sexually liberating. CUTE VIDEO and playful and innocent as the morning dew. laugh smile Thanks for the offering mr. CurlyFries

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