46 thoughts on “Random posts.. It’s been a while

  1. Great post, Domski. The boy in pic #1 is gorgeous, but all the boys are absolutely beautiful. You’ve got me wondering which one it is, but I really hope your wish comes true soon!

  2. Very nice set of boys… I love it! Now i think your little crush is #4 because i have not seen him, mighty cute! I dont think its #9 because that photo is used a lot… If #4 is your crush, looks like their might be some competition laugh

    • I don’t know what homing means but yeah ’tis ten. I thought it would be easy because all the pictures were from boys kinda swimming and that one was the only one skiing, which we do alot here in the alps

      • I was meaning the one I kept focusing on. Yes, it was easy once I thought about it properly, for the reasons you’ve given.
        He’s gorgeous! Lovely eyes and hair. He looks so cute, and I should think he’s really nice to talk to. You’ve got to get in touch with him. Don’t let him slip away!!!

  3. dog dog I’m gonna guess #10 no# 7 erm hold on #4 noooo #6 yes that’s it oh hang on no it’s #3 #2,#3,#4,3 no numdeerrrrr uuummmm er #5,#4,3,#4 oh bugger #10 No #9 yes #8 yes that’s what I said #7 OK did you get that #5 dog dog dog dog dog dog dog

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