Some Norwegian adorable and cute boys

Besides having these wonderful pics of these boys, I would like you guys to comment bellow of witch boy you think is me. smile

Elias Aadneram (2016.24.05)

His name is Elias, I just think he is very hot or cute looking, definitely one of my favorite younger boys at my primary school.

6.trinn gutter Tinestaffeten 10.05.2016

He think he brought a happy smile and two friends on this pic. smile

Marius Ellingsen.jpeg



After a long run, these three friends are together again..

”You’re so close to the finish line, Andrè!”

Why are they called the ”B-Boys” by me? Because they go to class B, of course! Well, the most of them do..


Well, I’m certainly looking forward to people’s comments and what you think! Also, I’m looking forward to my next post, or anybodys good posts! smile



16 thoughts on “Some Norwegian adorable and cute boys

  1. Thank you for posting these lovely pics, Martymariusz. There are some real beauties there. Andrè is gorgeous, and there are some very cute boys in class B.
    I think you are one of the boys in the last pic (#8), and I’m going to go for the boy on the right.

  2. #3 is the odd one out. Doesn’t fit the visual profile of the rest. Older and different ethnicity.

    What can I say: I have a weakness for blonds. Great post.

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