11 thoughts on “Surfer Dudes charliekarrz2

  1. Very HOT post of “surfers” the way I prefer them — without wet suits. Reminds me of some dudes I grew up with. Particularly the last one. thanks for sharing them & him in particular.

  2. The cutie pushing out his putootie, he’s going to sprain something if he tries any harder. Just something about him that makes him adorable, maybe it’s his attitude. The one facedown on his surfboard is breathtaking, and I don’t even get to see his face.

  3. Likes Picture Number Four with his wild hair and wild but friendly look. heart Cannot figure Picture Number Three and wonder what it is about … but so cute there is no ignoring him. Looks like … never mind that. laugh heart Like Picture Number One too, so nice and open. heart GOOD sweet post. Thanks mr. sn1 OH! What does charliekarrz2 mean ?

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