10 thoughts on “Cute Shirtless Asian Boy (Sexually Attractive)

  1. jp is for Japan. Other gay and such for photos from or of the Japanese you need only ask your search or, for example, google.com, and click upon thereon and therein. This is a set of your post photos NOT OF A ” (Sexually Attractive) ” but of a boy. PERIOD, by this opinion. He is attractive as a cute iddie kiddie. Much as a doggie woggie or itty kitty are / is cute enough to pet and treat nice and feed treats to. Cannot get over the assumption that boys are all sexual nor the assumption that show off boys are always sexually attractive nor intentionally have sex in mind.. Showing off the body is a thing people do to be human with others … and the sex may be there and most often is NOT THERE, just human affection is the desire, failing all other affection. Showing off by boys is just like girls … love me !!! And this will get the same result. OH. Shut up. smile

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