5 thoughts on “Two cuties from the W.P.

  1. Why not just ask them for a picture ? Offer, and provide, a copy 8X7 version ? Get them to be friends ? Using your phone as a spy is not ‘nice’ but does give you the spice of a spy !! HA HA . Get a real camera and go after the beauties for real, or, go after them honestly ? [or spy more … ] Offer, and provide, a copy 8X7 or whatever size version they might agree to from a good 10 million pixel camera ? Why not ? Make buddies pals friendlies sustomers. Make yourself a good spy ? Hate those guys with those spy cameras that get those blurries and bad photos. Love guys who are real photogs and know [first, learn how after ten thousand tries] how to anonymously use a camera even from a distance. LEARN !!! laugh laugh laugh

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