26 thoughts on “Cute Cartoon Briefs 3!! Nice pics

    • ok I will try to make an special album for you with young ones in it!
      I find “older” ones fascinating because despite their ages (around 10 to 13) they still wear such cute undies! smile

  1. I think they are a bit young for me no they are. and as for the undies I do find that a bit icky.
    but that is me
    and I think you should all be put over my knee and get a good spanking for liking icky undies LOL

    • Real boys are under 13!!
      If they are “young” for you go with teens
      Also if that undie pics are “icky” for you it’s because you are not enjoying the purity and beauty that boys can be! open your mind and face to the reality

      • my mind is very open my friend. and I’m not jugging any one I’m just saying they are to young for me. and as for the icky undies maybe you like eating your dinner when its fallen of the plat and gone cold but not me. HA HA HA

      • mr UNDIEFUN … ??? ” Real boys ” ?? … get your meaning. Understand. The arguments against include the followings (not all the anti-arguments are here). There is what ‘they’ call ‘tweens’ also. But no ” real boy ” is just under 13, nor is a real sexual agent of any sex age nor sex reaction nor sex ability nor gender nor sexual variable under some arbitrary age, except maybe age five or six. Realistically, boys and girls at over age five and by age nine can do sex things. There are boys now in jail for real rape of girls and real rape of boys at age nine and one of eight of a girl. Legally, if under 18, any person is still a boy and / or a girl, and still a minor if under 21, all depending on what and where and what for. There is marriage, parental signatures, abolition, what crime, and which jurisdiction ? You are aware of all or much of all that. You insist on making your exclame anyway. THAT is CUTE. blush Makes me fond of you. blush chuckle Thanks you for your exclaim. smile

  2. I used to help raise my oldest brothers kids when he was away on a job. Five boys. You just have to love ALL of them. Take them to the bathtub, wash them and change them. Over and over and over again.

  3. Being icky is necessary for anyone to know what not icky is. And getting muddy icky poopsy pee-wet is necessary to get aware of it as much as jumping in a big puddle is requirement for getting some sense of getting plain outdoor fun as well as wet. Still enjoy thunderstorm rain to walk in and snow storms to trudge through. With strong winds especially. Messy creature here. laugh laugh laugh F-U-N-!!!

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