20 thoughts on “First post Cute boys

  1. Very HOT first post. Thanks for sharing all of them. Welcome to the site. I think you will enjoy it very much.

  2. Other than six, I think they’re all absolutely wonderful. It’s not six’s fault that the camera man is using the wrong kind of flash bulb, but it’s almost like an X-ray. You can see every vein and capillary. Weird!

    • I really love that sweet boy too. He really looks like a boy that would come over, let himself in, and wait for me to get off work, for three years. Miss those years, miss him. But at least we have these great pictures.

    • 99% are not beautiful … but eight billion people later since 1900, cannot be relevant. UH OH … cannot be accurate either. MMM. Must be relevant for another reason or this ugly walnut would not be here. laugh mr. blSpain makes a good observation. The beautiful are still here and many are just too off to qualify as even okay. Good there is no hate against the beautiful … ” Don’t hate me because I am beautiful” she says way back then. laugh laugh laugh

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