Member’s Choice XIV


Which Boy Do YOU like BEST?
Which Do YOU wish to see more pics of?


BOY #1

VS. BOY #2

Thank you for your participation.

42 thoughts on “Member’s Choice XIV

  1. Wow pic # 1 can be the twin of one of my closest boy I had years ago. He made me a bl for ever I still think of him a lot and wish I could go back to that time. By the way we are still friends

  2. Boy #1, although they are both gorgeous.
    I’ve just had another look at boy #2, and I really can’t make up my mind, so I’m voting for boy #1 and boy #2.

  3. Wow it is a c;lose contest.
    Boy #1 had an early lead.
    Then boy #2 caught up and pulled ahead.
    Then #2 regain the lead.
    At this point the tally is as follows:
    Boy #1: 13; Boy#2: 15; Both: 6
    If those who voted “Both” ever decide, the results will be …..?
    Still time to cast your vote in this close contest !!

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