11 thoughts on “Mmmm! Boys! 2

  1. Sometimes, black and white is all the color you need. He should just go ahead and pull the shirt off instead of rolling up the sleeves. We all know he’s going to end up wet in the creek anyway. (I’ll make sure of it.)

    • I’ve always found this boy to be very gorgeous! I love how in this and the other pics I have of him, he seems a little shy and bashful, about being so exposed! my other pics of him are already in the blog, so no need to ask! the other one’s are color pics. he’s in a yellow suit, I believe in that same creek!

    • he sure is!! heart
      I fell for him in the first episode of Falling Skies!
      especially the scene where he was asleep in the chair waiting for Dad to return, then Dad picks him up and carries him to their quarters! I love it when Dads are that tender and caring with their sons! smile

  2. What is it with these itty bitty photos ? I recognize so many and all that seem to be here half the time are thumbnails and small reminder versions of the real thing, and, in some cases, zoom versions from a thumbnail presenting out as a real version, or a zoom from a small reminder version put out as the original. UH UH. Then there are the frauds and then the phony accusations. Something wrong here. DANGER DANGER EXTREME DANGER. Even beautiful Billy Mumy and his ugly robot can tell. laugh laugh laugh Some how we are lost in space !!!! or, per robot, ” We have lost our specificating abilities, Billy, and we need to re-adjust our configuring agglomerating consideratings.”

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