13 thoughts on “Nice boys 2

  1. I still can’t believe the kid leaning on the bike seat isn’t getting a “better view”. THAT close up and NOT looking? I’m in a different country and I’M STARING FROM HERE! LOL. And don’t get me started on number FOUR! OMG! I’LL NEVER STOP ONCE I GET STARTED WITH THAT ONE! HOT!

  2. Picture Number Six looks like a LEAF leftover, not sure, as the logo copyright is, if a LEAF, cut off, as all his pictures have his logo and copyright symbol on them, and nowadays are subject to clipping to deny his originals. After years and 100,000 photos, you think people will give out his originals without clipping them, or, sell them, as a buyer writes this here for the 1000th time in this the 1000th place. After ten years no such offer. LEAF’s handywork is obvious to this acquaintance with his photos. Not that Picture Number One is worse for wear, no, not at all, and wish for the whole series of those two guys, bicycle, bare feet, and hair cuts and all. Thanks for the post mr. dobby {and no blame about LEAF who still has his enemies and now gets retribution you cannot know about. [LEAF especially gets anonymity]} smile

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