9 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. Thanks, he has me totally drunk and totally HOT for him. Drooling at the possibilities with him. Yummy

  2. No. But poisonous intoxicating is one man’s dream and another man’s mere intoxication, receiver versus giver, depending, oh, so depending. That is similar to Marx’s original notion of propaganda. Sorry, but, could not refuse to infuse this set of photos with that. Not Marx’s fault for any more than an idea. Thanks for this intoxicating, in its way, post, mr Tellgren00 ===…=== YOU DO WRITE IT mr Tellgren00 ==== Toxic …. One has to be careful. The most beautiful boy could be the moste dangerous. Is this one able to toxicate you? mmm smile all is added are some dots and dashes … — … ha ha FUN !

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