14 thoughts on “Boy Bank #3

  1. The first boy is really cute, love his blue hair, legs and feet.
    Number 3 has a hot body and legs as well and a nice brown tan
    4 just has a boyish cuteness about him, love him too
    The last boy is hot as well
    Great post man good

  2. Pics #1 seen blue haired boy before a real hot one!! #2 Very hot young teen boy he is at that really horny age were they want to get anything they can…very horny stage!! Willing to do and try anything related to his horny boy parts!!! Eager for fun!!! Yummy gamer4 #3,4 cute boyness about them willing age also! Really like #4`s look!! Liked 7 since I first saw him usually like hairless pits but his puberty pits are sexy too! Like the way he lays with arms up as if to say come and get some!!! and last but not least the last two first is pretty young and very hot blond boy but still very cute last is just sexy too!!!

  3. Picture Number Two is of a guy sitting near a full trash can and has those zipper pants and he looks as if waiting for the photographer to go away so he can get some thing real. chuckle Picture Number Four looks like an athlete, too cute to ignore, but tough enough to lay off of. Want to tickle him for the fun he looks like. chuckle Picture Number Eight is one of those guys from Spain and he is on that giant spider web and looks like he needs a rescue and it is a automatic protecting feeling he gets from viewers. chuckle . He needs no rescue, just purchasers of those photos. chuckle Aint an ijit are any of them. chuckle THANKS. End comments here or be here all day. laugh

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