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    • I’ve always believed it is NOT the best idea for a Mom to do that talk with her son, she should have a trusted male in her life do this, because I learned from a book I once read on boys, that if they are given this talk by their Moms, it COULD cause him to end up with an Inferiority complex! This boy did seem a little like he might’ve already known about it! And I know for a fact that most boys would be ultra embarrassed by being talked to about this by a woman!

  1. He’s so cute. My parents never told me this I learned it from health classes and I discovered masturbation by accident. The first time I shot I was humping my bed and I literally thought I pissed my pants and when I looked in my underwear I was like uhh… that’s not pee laugh

    • Know there was something but until auto-masturbating occurs know nothing until my brother says, after a few episodes that he sees, as we share the same room, ”You looked like you were fucking the bed” … THEN IT CLICKS. Remember the accompanying fantasies however. Have NO IDEA that these are night wet dreams nor auto-masturbatings as they are all with out consciousness nor intent. After that, they are quite auto but not unconscious. HA HA Momma speaks only of if or not any hair down there. HA HA Who needs a dad after that. F* that. HA HA The video is odd. Looks as if she is coming laugh on to him.

  2. This is my very first post after quite a long time as a member. Glad it worked so well!

    Thanks for all the comments! I think this boy is beyond cute and the subject matter is priceless. I love all of his reactions both good and embarrassed.

    I have to say, though, that the mom is really weak on this, particularly the masturbation part. I suspect they edited out some of her comments but whatever is left is sadly short of details for this boy. I certainly hope he either already got some good instruction, figured things out on his own already with confidence, or will have a nice man to show him how it all works.

    Anyone UP for the task?! laugh

    There is another clip in this series with an even younger boy who has lesbians for parents. One of them gives this poor sweet boy some of the ugliest messages about semen I have ever heard directly addressed to a boy. I’ll see about posting the clip directly soon so we can comment on it there.

  3. I don’t recall exactly when I learned all the right terminology and facts, but I do know I figured out how to masturbate to orgasm years before I knew what any of it was or before ejaculations started. And I remember initially confusing semen for pee and being baffled by the idea of “white sticky stuff” coming out of my favorite place.

    I agree that moms really should give way to men and that all boys should be required to learn from a man at some point. I think boys would have a much better confidence if not left to other boys or women or even sex classes first. Everything wrong with how we bring boys into the wonderful world of sexuality can be summed up by this mom’s flustered, embarrassed, awkward failed attempt to teach about one of the most important and sacred behaviors her boy will ever know. I wish we could honor boyhood masturbation openly somehow the way it deserves to be (not to be confused with the fantasy about boys being LITERALLY open when masturbating…that’s a discussion for another day!).

  4. I discoverd it at 8 years old…by put my little friend underheath the crane , you know, you can switch in the
    shower. Haha…what a joy was that!

  5. This is the funniest video I’ve seen by far. laugh I’d like to tease him about it and talk to him about some things. smile

    Oh yeah, and I think he knows what masturbating is. I believe everyone learns that by themselves. Given I’m not sure how old is.

      • Body awareness, comfort with nudity, and the openness to talk about sexuality definitely needs to start prior to age 9 and ideally develop slowly and naturally as a boy becomes more able to understand all that is involved. I suspect he has some idea about touching himself but maybe doesn’t yet know the terminology or realize what will happen once puberty kicks in. It’s definitely a hard concept to grasp at first that his penis will get hard, he will want to stick it into a girl and that some magical cream will come out (and that he can create this moment on his own). Even at 9 that’s a lot to digest particularly if everyone is embarrassed and awkward about it.

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