Hi! (Favorites #1)

Hi! I’m Dan, I’m almost sure none will remember me, as I was a very active member of the blog around 2 years ago 😁 maybe more..and I guess many of the members from that time are gone, but well. I will try to be active again, maybe not posting in a daily basis, but about 2-3 posts per week smile hope you like.

14 thoughts on “Hi! (Favorites #1)

  1. Don’t know you but Hello! Welcome back,,,Im still kinds new here, Unfortunately never knew about site until a few months ago, wish I knew earlier! Nice pics too!!! Thanks !

  2. clicking on a picture yields the front page, not the full picture. ERROR ERROR. Picture Number Ten is so cute it makes me laugh and cry at the same time. laugh cry FUN ! Thank you mr. Daniel

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