19 thoughts on “I’ll Just Leave This Right Here!

  1. Wow! Each one is a gem! Love, love, love when boys hang out shirtless and even better when also revealing underwear. Love the two boys together on the couch. That type of shot launches a thousand fantasies!

    And what’s going on with boy four?! Looks like he’s got some enhancements going on in those wonderful pants! Wish there was such a thing as three dimension photography! Would love to get a better idea of that amazing bulge.

    And I’ll volunteer to stay up ALL night making sure boy 5 is comfortable, warm and safe. Would love to just sit there and watch him for hours, particularly when his magical 90 minute erection cycles start! I’ll gladly keep notes for a study and share the results with you on how often a boy gets stiff each night and how often he grabs hold in his sleep! And you won’t even have to pay me!

  2. I am the one who is going to wash Mr. dirty boy. It is going to be a honor and a great moment that may take a long long time to finish that soft skin to be well cleaned. Thank you for let me wonder about it.

  3. Number one looks like he is just waiting patiently for me to get done with whatever I’m doing until I can spend some time with him. Now I’m wondering what possible reason would make me think he should wait for anything. He’s right, I’m wrong, “What would YOU like to do?”.

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