10 thoughts on “Licence to thrill

  1. This post of these boys at the movies reminds me of a Junior high school boy that I had a crush on. We went to the movies and I tried to hold his hand and was afraid he would pull away!!! He didn’t shock I was surprised when after a few minutes ( like a dummy !) I let go and he reached over and pulled my hand back so we could hold hands again! We were using our fingers to tickle the inside palms of our hands I had the hardest boner!!! We held hands through two movies even though I think we were both scared some adults would see us! He was so cute I was in 8th grade he was in 7th,,,He had Bieber type blond hair,big brown eyes and a cute turned up nose!! I really loved him, in fact the funny thing was I was going with his sister!!!! (never did anything with her except kiss) all the while I had a crush on him and he on me!!!!The best was when I spent the night in his private bedroom……..cant tell on this forum its xxx rated laugh Hot boy love ,,,yes I loved him! inlove

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