6 thoughts on “Messy Boys 18

  1. Thanks for all these wonderful messy boy pictures! I don’t collect them so I don’t have any to share but please know I LOVE seeing them! One of the most sacred rights in boyhood is the right to get messy! No boyhood is complete without many, many, many opportunities to safely and confidently get messy with other boys. Other than perhaps the joy of masturbation and a relationship with at least one good man, getting dirty is an experience above all else when it comes to expressing one’s boyhood.

    And, as a man, one of the greatest experiences for me now is the chance to play with messy boys! Sadly doesn’t happen anywhere near enough. Every day would just about do it particularly because in order to get messy you have to be willing to get cleaned up and what better way for a man and a boy to bond then when cleaning off from head to toe!

  2. Picture Number Five looks like a mud play ground. Or, it just looks that way. It is obviously in use in that way. Know of no site for such as we get from you mr. bobbybop — thank you. smile Bests for this guy is a rainstorm and a snowstorm to walk in until needing a way out. Then walk back until home. ha ha chuckle

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