9 thoughts on “the last Soccerboyvideos

  1. awwwww thanks for scene jjjonas14 hug It is great to see the boy happy joy But i am pretty sure he is Czech, because he was celebrating the penalty goal from Czech in the last minutes. But it is not important, Important is that he his a cute and happy boy penguin

  2. Wow second video the first boy is way too hot!! and I like the young polish boys the one with the hat with bells and the other with the bushy eyebrows and baseball type hat on really sexy and hot!!!! and @ 0:39 how cute and adorable hug is that guy in the white shirt adidas shirt on dads shoulders ,what a doll!!!..and swiss boy and german,portugal,italy,croatia,denmark,spain Czech ALL boys and Ukraine boys Uhhgggh! So many beautiful boys in this world!!!! inlove

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