12 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. Thanks for a very sexy post HSIFAMI. Cousins are the best and are one of the most reliable to learn new and exciting stuff….whether they are older or younger. Mine were always FUN.
    The last two are so HOT I am drooling again to join them and their tighty whities on that bed. What the 3 of us could do?

  2. ^^^ lol Agree..Its like whats the deal with the unraveled toilet paper by the bed?…needed to wipe something off after a little play time??? yes Oh just the thought of it! Yummy! squirrel

  3. I didn’t get to see my cousins very often, they were so far away. Maybe just once a year. I was unpacking my suitcase in the room I got when my younger boy cousin comes in and starts jumping up and down on the bed, completely unclothed, MERE INCHES AWAY RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! He’s yelling that his dad told him, “It’s okay for boy to be undressed in front of other boys!”. He is spinning around and around and around! It was SO funny at the time, and EROTIC! I laugh every tome I think about it. He turns red every time I re-tell about it.

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